AirPrint and WebKitStoreWebDataForBackup Support for UIWebView ANE

I am glad to announce that version 1.5 for UIWebView and VideoPlayer ANE is now available to download. There are a few important bug fixes and new features:

  • Added printPage method to print a page in UIWebView to an AirPrint enabled printer(or simulator). Supported Photo/Grayscale/Normal printing mode for documents like web page, pdf, photos.
  • Added setAudioSession method to set different audio session for the app. For example if your app requires playback and recording of sound, use AudioSession.PLAY_AND_RECORD before loading a video/audio/web page.
  • Added webDataForBackup property to enable backing up web data (SQL Web Storage and LocalStorage). This should be enabled only if your app relies on web content data that cannot be reloaded. If your UIWebView object opens links to arbitrary web content, this key should be set to false. Toggling the value of this key will not preserve existing web view data.
  • keyboardDisplayRequiresUserAction property is set to NO in ANE to allow JavaScript call to focus() on a form element will focus the element and bring up the keyboard automatically in iOS 6
  • Fixed cookies to enabled in UIWebVIew
  • Fixed loadAppSupportAsset() to load in correct app support local storage path using bundle identifier

Here’s a quick example to print a page in UIWebView:

Please take note when using setAudioSession (for various purpose such as AirPlay, audio recording, video/audio playing), call the method right after instantiation of UIWebView/VideoPlayer object, or before the viewport is defined.


More info on the ANE here


  • Dan

    trying to use the printPage() function to print a pdf insode the UIWebView and it brings up the print window for a second and then quickly fades back out. How do I keep it form dissapearing?

  • Phil Stephenson

    Will your print work with an application developed with Flash Builder?